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Treasures in the Snow.jpg

Audiobook of the classic Children's story by Patricia St John.

20 Episodes

Narrated by Hilary Jewhurst


Far away in Babylon an Israelite wants to do something for the city of Jerusalem. And God helps him rebuild the crumbling walls of his home city and spiritual home.

Moses My Brother.jpg

From the palace in Egypt to the desert and the promise of a new land. The story of Moses seen through the eyes of his Egyptian half-brother, Benares.

The Forerunner.jpg

The man who Jesus spoke of as the greatest of all prophets. Humble but outspoken he proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. His name was John.


God called Amos from his sheep and his trees, to give a message to the rulers of Israel - a message they would not like to hear. And powerful people do not like being challenged.


A blunt speaking Roman soldier who became a friend of the early church and helped Peter understand the thinking of people who weren't Jewish.

The Promised Land.jpg

Joshua and the Israelites plan to enter the land promised by God. But it will not be an easy journey.

The Darkest Night.jpg

He betrayed Jesus in the garden: but why did Judas do it?

I Caiaphas.jpg

Why Jesus had to die? The high priest of the Jews reviews his life and his reasons for what he did.


Dramatic monologues starting with Advent themes and running through to the Resurrection.


What was the meaning of the writing on the wall?

Mary - Blesed.jpg

Mary, teenage girl who became the "mother of God". She tells the wonderful story to Luke.

Seventh Son.jpg

From a shepherd boy to the King of Israel. The brave but flawed man who gave us the Psalms - David, son of Jesse. His story, told by his unnamed brother.

The Good Companion.jpg

This is a re-edit version of 15-minute series "Silas" with new narration added. Remastered 2009


The prophet who confronted King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. He put his own life on the line, and called the people of Israel back to God.


Jesus came to seek the lost, and none were more lost than Zacchaeus the outcast Taxman. The story is told by his nephew, Shim.

Beyond the Darkness.jpg

They called her the mad woman from Magdala. She was abused and tormented by seven devils, but Mary was the first to experience the power of the Risen Lord.

The Hungry Grass.jpg

The story of the Great Irish Famine: Act of God or Man?

An historical documentary with a Biblical and contemporary message.


A young man growing up in Judaea with a hatred for Romans begins a journey which will lead him to be branded a terrorist and condemned to death.

God With Us.jpg

Two chaplains to the army speak of 1916 and how God was with them amidst the suffering.


A Jewish girl who became a Queen in a faraway pagan country, and saved her people from genocide.

Stolen Lives.jpg

Discussions and thoughts on serious issues facing women today.

The Carpenter.jpg

A story based on Jesus' childhood and his family life.


A soldier recalls a dawn he'd rather forget.

God's Good News.jpg

A series of 47 x 5 minute dramas based on the Gospels, from the Annunciation to the Ascension.



13 x 15 min episodes

Written by Helen Jeffrey

Tax collectors were shunned in Israel, but Jesus made one his disciple.

Walking with Jesus.jpg

Walking with Jesus

7 x 15 min episodes

Written by Gloria Kearney

Three women who gave up everything to follow Jesus.

Jacob the Twister.jpg

Jacob the Twister

6 x 15 min episodes

Written by Hugh Finlay

He stole his brother’s birthright, but he became the Lord’s man.

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