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Paul Bailie

Paul Bailie          11 November 1968 – 15 November 2022

The Rev Dr. Paul Bailie, (to give him his full title), was first introduced to me in 2005, when he contributed to a Downtown Sunday morning programme.

From that first meeting it came about that he joined the “Commission” drama team in 2007.

He had been involved with theatre drama for some years and his skills and flexibility as a voice made him a prime contributor for parts ranging from God to Pontius Pilate over the years! 

His wife Ann, a teacher, was also involved as being a voice at the studio. Paul became a Trustee in 2011.

Despite being extremely busy with his work as CEO for Mission Africa (and many other activities), he remained on the Commission Board of Trustees and an active “voice” until his sudden home call in November 2022. 

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